A passion for archery and arrow building

My daughter fell in love with "Brave" which led her to archery and in turn led me to archery also. I started with a compound bow and aluminum arrows and wasn't challenged enough so I moved on to a 35 # vintage Herters recurve and eventually to my 50 # vintage Kodiak Bear recurve. I love the way traditional wood arrows look but they were always so expensive, so I decided to start making them. At first with dowels, then with planks of wood that I lovingly hand cut, hand planed and sanded to a round shaft. I started to make more advanced arrows with footings and spliced feather fletchings and unique cresting. I was soon addicted, to shooting and to making arrows, to the point that my workshop was full of arrows. I really wanted to share my work with others and at a price they could afford. In came my wife who believed I could open an etsy shop and sell these arrows to those who had an equal passion for archery. My wife also sells her natural finds here, if we aren't making arrows or shooting them, we are walking in the woods and always finding things to bring home, these sales help us buy materials for the arrows we make. So please enjoy a browse through Podunk Hollow.

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