• 76er

  • Shoot Like you're Famous

    Archery has two shots named after the legendary archer that first made the shot. The William Tell, and the Robin Hood.
  • Medieval Times

    I had never competed in an archery competition before, so I was somewhat unsure of just what to expect. I should've worried more about what I would encounter at the renaissance fair than the contest itself.The renaissance fair is a unique place, for those of you that have never been.
  • Glazed Quail and Turnip Smash

    One of our favorite recipes is this Glazed Quail with Mashed turnips from Jaime Oliver in his book "Jaime's America". It is a rustic but elegant meal and it tastes amazing.
  • That Dog Won't Hunt

    So there we were, crammed into a little camper since noon waiting out the storm with 3 small children, no lights, a wet hound dog with gas and the hope that tomorrow would be a better day.
  • The Cave Man's Lighter

    So after digging down deep and getting in touch with my Inner cave man I finally managed to turn that spark into a flame.
  • The Buck that got away

    If you want to be a great archer you have to put in your time, take your shots, learn consistency and form and above all practice, practice and practice some more.
  • Doggone Year

    It was not what I was expecting, however other things this year have exceeded our expectations!
  • The Christmas project

    By the time we had finnished, Santa a beloved childrens character, adored by kids around the world, was looking like a deranged truck driver that had done some hard time upstate.
  • Our Christmas tree

    There it was our Christmas tree, a wall of Florida sand pine that was as tall as our house, and as wide as our car port.