Archery is one of those sports that should come with a warning label “ caution very addictive”, and Although shooting a bow and arrow  in itself is great fun, i find young archers especially are quick to become board of shooting at your standard target.As we all know practice makes perfect and perfection in archery can take a lifetime to achieve. So how do we keep our young archers motivated in shooting, while keeping the sport fun for them and ourselves. The internet is loaded with archery games, and local archery clubs often offer local contest that you can compete in, sometimes even if you are not a member. Contest are a great way to give an archer a goal to work towards, but how do you prepare for such a tournament, without making it feel like work? As I have said before my daughter wants to compete in the archery contest at the Bay Area Renaissance Fair, and at just 6 years old, it can be hard to get her to focus on her shooting, when it starts to feel like work. These are some of the games I play with her, that keep things interesting and keeps her engaged.


Just like the game we all played as kids, Tic-Tac-Toe gets kicked up a notch when played with archery equipment. The basic rules are unchanged, with 3 in a row still dictating the winner, but instead of X and O’s you use arrows shot from a set distance.the difficulty level can be raised by increasing the distance and decreasing the size of the target. This game is a lot of fun and can really become competitive. I would recommend 6 arrows per archer, with each set of 6 being unique to each archer. Below i have included a link to a target for this game, just print it out and have fun!

Card Games

Their must be hundreds of card games out their, everything from Go Fish to Poker and most can be played with you archery equiptment. All it takes is some slight tweaking and the right target, like the one I have Linked below. These targets have all of the standard cards.  Just like the real card games, you attempt to make the best hand possible while your opponent does the same.  One miss can blow your royal flush or make you bust instantly. For this game I like to limit each archer to 5 arrows, I have included the target below so grab your bow and your poker face and have some fun!

9 Ball

9 ball is a popular game among billiards players and a version of the game can be played with archery.With this game Shooters shoot at the cue ball during their turn to attempt to shoot out the number balls (1-9) If a shooter is able to hit the cue ball during their turn, they have the opportunity to shoot at object balls in ascending order. The shooter only needs to hit the cue ball once to start their turn and can shoot at object balls after. Once an object ball is hit according to the rules, that ball cannot be shot again for any of the players (ex: If shooter A shoots out  balls #1 & #2, shooter B can shoot at ball #3 after shooting the cue ball during their turn). Should a shooter miss the cue ball on the opening shot of their turn, their turn is now over. Should a shooter miss the object ball that is currently open during their turn, their turn is now over. The shooter to score object ball #9 during their turn according to the rules is the winner of the round. This is a fun 2 player game but can also be played by yourself, And to keep things interesting the balls get smaller as you get closer to the 9 ball. I have included a link below for a downloadable target for this game. Good luck!

Dartboard Targets

There are many games that can be played on a dartboard. Using a dartboart as a shooting target will limit how you play, un less you have plenty of ammo. Here are two games to try

"Round The Clock" or "Around The World": 

The object here is to hit the "1" first, Not the actual number but the corresponding triangular area next to the number, Then after hitting the number "1", you try for "2" then "3", etc. After hitting the numbers "1" through "20", some people play that you would then have to hit the bullseye to win. To play this way you would have to have at least 21 shots to win. You can alter the game by starting with "2" then "4", then "6" etc. for a total of 11 shots including the bullseye. Or you can start at "5" then "10", then "15", etc. for a total of 5 shots including the bullseye. It is also best for each person playing to have their own target sheet to shoot at so you can tell who shot what. "501" or "301": To play this game you would make a shot or a series of shots and then deduct the value of the number you hit from the starting number. For example if you are playing "301" and on your first shot you hit the number 20, you would deduct 20 from 301 changing you score to 281. If you hit the outer red and green circle, the score counts as double the number hit. If you hit the inner red and green circle, the score counts as triple the number hit. You continue in this manner until the first person gets a score of 0. Most people play that you must hit 0 exactly. For instance, if your score is 15, you must hit the number 15 in one shot or a combination of 15 in two or more shots to exactly deduct 15 to arrive at 0. Since starting at the number 301 or 501 would result in many, many shots, you can pick your own starting number depending on how many shots you would like to have to make. A separate target for each player is a must in this game.

The Money shot

This is by far my daughter’s favorite game to is a two player game In which  each archer shoots 5 arrows at the target, each spot on the target has a corresponding monetary value, from as little as 5 cents to as much as 1 dollar. What the archer shoots the other archer’s a fun game that can easily become a heart pounding match over pocket change. Give it a try, I have included a link for the target bellow.

Hopefully you find  these games and links helpful and as fun, as we do.