As this year comes to a close and we reflect on all we have, and done one phrase comes to my mind "Its been a hell of a year!". It seems like every December we sit back and take stock in what we have acomplished this year, what we want to build and expand on this coming year, and the stories that continue to make us smile. 

As I have said before, I am married to the most amazing woman and I have three great daughters that keep my wife and I on our toes. On top of that and because we don't like easy we got a dog a couple of years ago. I have always wanted a a basset hound, so we got an older one from a great basset hound rescue right here in florida. 

It seems that everything always happens at once, all the complications of life compound in a short period of time. The kids had just gone back to school and we were still trying to get into a routine that worked for everyone in the mornings. One morning I woke up and made my way to the kitchen, to make my morning coffee, somewhat consumed with all the projects on my plate and feeling a little overwelmed, I thought maybe my morning work out would help clear my head, which had started to ache. After my work out I was feeling better about my day, but rushed to get it started. The kids made their way out of bed and were content watching morning cartoons while my wife made breakfast. I was in the shower and washing my hair, my head full of lather and my eyes closed, I heard the shower door open. Thinking my day was about to get better and my super sexy wife was going to send me off to work with a smile on my face, I tried my hardest to poise myself in the sexiest stance I could. Working hard to quickly wash the soap out of my eyes I suddenly feel it, a warm wet tongue on my leg. My eyes pop open to see my wife shoving the dog inside the shower and telling me " wash the dog for me, she has a vet appointment later".

It  was not what I was expecting, however other things this year have exceeded our expectations!

Our Etsy shop has over achieved our expectations and we have all of our customers to thank for that, to each and every one of you thank-you! I know it's said all of the time but we could not do what we do with out your support, and again thank you! 

This year has been one for the records, we are continuing to search and bring our custumers the best in archery tackle, but we are also branching out to start offering custom flemish twist strings, along with some raw materials so others can  learn the enjoyment and pride in making their own arrows.  

We will also continue to bring you more bow reviews but also we want to bring you some more build along videos as well, as we continue to build our youtube channel. 

A theme we are going to try to continue with our blog, along with stories of our on going adventures, so again thank-you for all of your continued support!