I have heard it said archery is a perishable skill, if you leave it for a day it will leave you for ten, and for the most part I agree.  If you want to be a great archer you have to put in your time, take your shots, learn consistency and form and above all practice, practice and practice some more.You need to shoot each arrow like it is your last. I know how hard it can be to get outside and loose some arrows, with the speed of our daily lives even a half hour of shooting seems like a mini vacation. This is time I truly enjoy, and it's even better when I get to share it with friends and family. Just the other day I had some free time and thought I would get in some shots, my middle daughter came out with her bow to join me, so I set up a target for her at about 5 yards, as I shot mine at 30 yards. 

I was really impressed on how much her shooting had improved, so I told her what a good job she was doing. It was at that time she told me that she wanted to take her bow and arrow to the Bay Area Renaissance faire and compete in the archery competition like I did last year. I was blown away by this thought, it was great that she wanted to compete. I told her she was going to have to pratice every day if she wanted to compete, and she said to me that she would and asked if I wanted to compete with her then and there. I told her I would love to, so we went and collected our arrows and made our way back to the shooting line, as we nocked our arrows she looked at me and said "if I win you give me a dollar" and with that she takes her first shot. I just stood there letting what I had just heard sink in, was my daughter hustling me?. I replied with an "ok but what if i win?"  to which she then replied with a grin " oh I don't have any money, if you win you can relax" 

A round of arrows and one dollar later I asked her for a chance to win my money back and this went on for a while she would get a round or two ahead and then I would win a round. We came to round 6 and I told her this would be the last round, as to which she responded "okay if I win this time I get ten dollars"

"Ten dollars?!" I gasped "what are you going to do with ten dollars?"  I am going to buy presents for my sisters, at the dollar store"  and I thought wow thats really sweet, minus the part where she was hustling her own father, we must be doing something right. "How many gift are you going to buy them" I asked looking to see how far her generosity would go "Just one" she stated. What are you going to do with the rest of the money?"  I inquired "Thats for me" 

Unfortunately the rain started before we could determine a winner, but since we were half way done I gave her 5 dollars.

It can be very hard to keep a young archer focused on shooting and sometimes little games are all it takes to keep their interest and watch their skill improve, not to mention your own.